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"I have a senior dog with dementia, as well as an adult dog with anxiety. This stuff works wonders for both of them. I can really tell an improvement in their overall mood and it seems to be helping with my senior's 'stress pacing"
Jami H.

Lion's Mane - Organic Mushroom Extract For Dogs

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Lion's Mane Mushroom has been revered for centuries for its ability to support brain and nerve health. Our Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract delivers a long list of benefits for seniors and dogs of all ages.

Our Organic Lion's Mane mushroom is made from the entire mushroom, not just mycelium.

Lion's Mane For The Brain

Lion's Mane is rich in hericenones and erinacines, which can help support cognitive and neural function for dogs of all ages. This unique mushroom targets the brain and nervous system:

  • Offers help for anxious dogs
  • Can help with signs of cognitive dysfunction
  • Great for dogs with depression
  • Can help nervous function in dogs with neural or vertebral diseases

Gut and Metabolic Support

Lion's Mane is a gut-friendly way to help dogs maintain a consistent weight and supports normal blood sugar levels for dogs with diabetes.

lions mane ingredients

Give orally daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Supply
1-30 lbs 1/16 tsp daily

 240 day supply

31-60 lbs

1/8 tsp daily

120 day supply

61-100 lbs 1/4 tsp daily

60 day supply

101 + lbs 1/2 tsp daily

30 day supply

Net Contents: 1.2oz (35.1g)

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Cost
1-30 lbs 1/16 tsp daily


31-60 lbs

1/8 tsp daily


61-100 lbs 1/4 tsp daily


101 + lbs 1/2 tsp daily


Net Contents: 1.2oz (35.1g)

What's the beta-glucan content of Lion's Mane?

Lion's Mane has been third-party tested to contain a minimum of 25% beta-glucans.

Does Lion's Mane also help the immune system?

Yes! Not only can Lion's Mane support a healthy immune system, it can also enhance healthy brain function. Lion’s Mane is unique among mushrooms because it contains compounds called erinacines and hericenones. These can cross the blood-brain barrier and activate the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein that maintains and organizes neurons.

How can I be sure your mushrooms are high quality?

Our mushrooms are certified organic, and triple tested to be low in heavy metals and pesticides. We also test every batch for beta-glucan content so you can feel certain you’re choosing a high quality mushroom product for your dog.

What are the best uses for Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s Mane for the brain. This product is a natural choice for senior dogs as it helps to support cognitive and normal nerve function.

Where do you source your mushrooms from?

Our mushrooms come from China, which, believe it or not, is the only place you can find the entire mushroom. With that said, we take safety and purity seriously. Our mushrooms are grown on wood, in filtered air, way up in the mountains, hundreds of miles from the cities. Before the mushrooms leave China, they’re tested for pesticides and heavy metals and once they arrive in the USA, they’re tested again, then tested a third time before we put them into jars.

Can Lion’s Mane be given in combination with Immunity and Turkey Tail?

Yes, mushrooms work best synergistically. For this reason you can absolutely give Lion’s Mane with Immunity and Turkey tail.

Can this be used long-term?

Absolutely, Lion’s Mane helps to support your dog’s healthy brain function over the long term.

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