At Four Leaf Rover, we want to do better for ALL the animals on the planet. That means products that are safe and effective for your dog and packaging that's safe for the planet. 

Help Us Keep Plastic Out Of The Oceans

We package our products in 100% recycled plastic that's easy for you to recycle. Glass is heavy and requires more fossil fuel to ship while metal requires ore mining, which is tough on the earth's resources as well. So please recycle your empty containers: 

  • Recycling takes 88% less energy than making plastic from raw materials while helping reducing fossil fuel consumption;
  • Recycling discarded plastics and turning them into new goods keeps these persistent materials out of landfills and the environment.

Why No Scoop?

It's simple ... we couldn't find scoops that were made from recycled plastic. And let's face it ... nobody needs a new scoop with every item they receive and most people already have measuring spoons in their house. Because our commitment is to keep plastic out of the environment, we made the decision to give you the responsibility of using your own measuring spoons. 

And we'll give 1% of your purchase back to the planet as a thank you.

We appreciate your help making the planet a better place for dogs and animals.