We NEVER Compromise

Woman looking at mountainside with her dog

Why We Care

What you put into your dog can have a profound impact on his health. We know this. And we know the lengths you go to ensure your dog (your family member) is taken care of properly. You would never put your dog in harms way (neither would we, we get you!)

We know how it feels to be misled by large corporations that pack all sorts of garbage into their products. And we know how it feels once you figure out that some of those harmful ingredients and fillers can make our dogs sick.

Our founder Dana, and the rest of our team, have committed to never knowingly be the ones to harm your dog with harmful ingredients.

What We're Doing

Our commitment is to develop products with human-grade ingredients first. We’ve taken the best performing human health products and formulated them specifically for dogs. This means we go above and beyond by working with good suppliers and manufacturers who care about quality ingredients.