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Frequently Asked Questions

After you place your order with your AutoShip products, you will receive an email with details about when to expect your order and the frequency moving forward. Each order will be discounted by 15% and you can cancel any time.

Of course! You can easily change your deliver schedule to every 27 days or any number of days you wish ... you're in complete control. Just click Manage Subscriptions.

You can skip items by going to Manage Subscriptions and then the Delivery Schedule tab. You will see all of your upcoming orders here, and will need to click "SKIP" for each individual product.

To change your order date, click Manage Subscription beside the proudct and then you will be able to select a new ship date. You can also choose to "order now" if you need your item sooner.

Absolutely. Once you start an AutoShip account, you can add any eligible products to your subscription plan and the appropriate discount will be applied.

You will see Account Details in your main account. Click on this to manage your subscriptions.

Yes you can! Please make sure you change your address in the Manage Subscriptions menu. If you do not change it on your individual subscription, it will not update. Please feel free to contact our customer service team to have that updated for you!

Once you are in the manage subscriptions menu, you can click on Payment Methods. This is where you can add your new card. If you need assistance, please reach out by phone to our customer service team at 1 (833) 477-6887.

If you are on a mobile device, the menus will drop down from the three lines at the top of the page.