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We've worked with top holistic vets for a long time and used all of our products on our own dogs with great results. But the products we used were all for humans because the pet industry is riddled with low quality products. We took the very best natural human health products and made them accessible for dogs and cats. So the same high quality products we use on our dogs are now available for every dog.

Our promise is to treat your dog like he was our own furry family member. That's why we're so excited to share our proven and vet-approved formulas with you.

But our promise doesn't end there ...

We also promise to keep the planet safe for you and your dog. Pet products can have a significant environmental impact so every ingredient and piece of packaging is chosen for minimal impact.


Our Mission Is To Make Natural, Earth Friendly Products Affordable.

Every dog deserves healthy products that are free of harmful and synthetic ingredients. And every dog deserves an environment that's safe and free of toxins.

That's why Four Leaf Rover supports organic farmers and uses clean labels and packaging to ensure a healthy tomorrow for all the creatures on the planet.


Gluten Free


No Fillers


At Four Leaf Rover we never compromise. Here's our promise and what we stand for ...


Promote Safe and Natural Products

We believe hidden ingredients and fillers have no place in pet foods and products. We think every dog should be able to enjoy fresh, organic products that are free from toxins. Most pet and human products contain glyphosate and pesticides, heavy metals, added starch and artificial ingredients ... even products that call themselves natural. Our products come with a Certificate of Analysis to prove they're tested for the presence of harmful substances so you can feel good about choosing them for your dog. And your trust makes us feel good!


Be A Steward For The Planet

All Four Leaf Rover products are manufactured with the environment in mind. We use minimal packaging with the least amount of planetary impact. While glass is an environmentally friendly choice, it's heavy to ship and demands a lot of fossil fuels. And metals require a lot of energy to manufacture and can leach harmful chemicals into the ground.

We choose 100% recycled plastic containers for our products. It requires much less energy and water to manufacture than other plastic types. The PET plastic we use is BPA free and is globally recognized and tested as a safe, easily recycled packaging material.

A recent Life Cycle Analysis done by the Allied Development Corporation studied the environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of PET. Compared to aluminum cans and glass jars, PET plastic was found to be the best alternative. When it came to greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption PET containers had the best performance. Lightweight PET containers need fewer raw materials to produce, less fuel for transport and are still completely recyclable into carpets, T-shirts, shoes, luggage, automotive parts and more.

Our ingredients are very carefully chosen. While they must benefit your dog, they must also be sustainably grown without pesticides, herbicides and other toxins that can damage our planet.


Never Be Half Assed

Using our own products on our own dogs isn't good enough. Our products are formulated with the help of Holistic Veterinarian Dr Patricia Jordan. Like us, Dr Jordan isn't afraid of controversy and she tells it like it is! She's also one of the most learned veterinarians we know and is constantly redefining herself by studying all facets of natural medicine and healing.

Dr Jordan has brought multiple natural products to market and we're excited to have her as part of the Four Leaf Rover team.


We NEVER Compromise

Our products only contain ingredients that we feel good about. If our products aren't good enough for our dogs, they're not good enough for your dog. And we have very high standards. We've taken the best performing human health products and formulated them specially for dogs (and cats). Our pets give us their all and they deserve our best in return.

That's our commitment to you ... to always deliver the very best to you and your dog. And that's because we're dog owners, just like you.