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Better Bones - Dried Bone For Homemade Diets

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Better Bones helps dog owners build their own raw and cooked meals with a safe source of bone. Our bones come from fully inspected New Zealand grass-fed cattle and are carefully dried and powdered.

It’s important that your dog gets the right amount of calcium and phosphorus. Joint and skeletal problems can begin to develop if these minerals are out of balance. Bone is the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus, which makes it really easy to balance in a variety of diets.

Calcium sources like coral, seaweed and eggshell are good, but they have little to no phosphorus content. This creates a real challenge when trying to balance your dog's minerals. 

Better Bones is rich in amino acids and growth factors which are often lacking in other sources of calcium. It also contains natural vitamin D which regulates the calcium and phosphorus balance. 

Many dogs struggle to eat whole bones. Better Bones is a safer alternative that’s suitable for senior dogs, puppies and cooked diets. There’s no need to worry about choking or splintering and no need to add unnatural calcium to cooked foods. It’s bones made better! 

Made from 100% natural beef bones from New Zealand cattle, Better Bones comes out on top because it’s dried without acids, chemicals and bleaches unlike commonly high-heat treated bone meals.

This gentle drying method enables the naturally occurring proteins, minerals and growth factors found in bone, to stay intact … making Better Bones a highly bioavailable source of calcium.  

The Better Bone rundown:

  • From BSE free, grass-fed, free-range New Zealand cattle
  • Tested for glyphosate, pesticides, lead and other metals
  • Naturally balanced minerals
  • Contains naturally occurring vitamin D for better mineral balance
  • Is great for small dogs, seniors and dogs with broken teeth
  • Made in the US

better bones guaranteed analysis

Better Bones is dried beef bone, in powdered form, from BSE-free, grass-fed and pastured New Zealand cattle.

For Adult Dogs: Feed 2 teaspoons per 25lbs body weight daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Follow the helpful chart below to figure out how much Better Bones to feed your dog dependant on the amount of fat in his food.

Amount per pound of food:

 Fat In Food Amount Calcium Phosphorus Ca:Ph
10% fat or less 2 tsp 2.12 2.15 1:1
11-15% fat 2 tsp 1.72 1.67 1:1
15-20% fat 2 tsp 1.43 1.34
AAFCO Adult Minimum Requirements
1.25 1.00 1:1
AAFCO Maximum Requirements
6.25 4.00 2:1

For puppies & Pregnant/Nursing Dogs: Feed 5 teaspoons per 25lbs body weight daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Amount per pound of food:

 Fat In Food Amount Calcium Phosphorus Ca:Ph
10% fat or less 4 tsp 4.09 3.09 1.3:1
11-15% fat 5 tsp 4.12 2.81 1.5:1
15-20% fat 6 tsp 4.13 2.62 1.6:1
AAFCO Puppy Minimum Requirements 3.00 2.50 1:1
AAFCO Maximum Requirements 6.25 4.00 2:1


*Calcium and Phosphorus measured in mg/kcal. Based on 1,000 kcal. 

Not recommended for puppy foods with more than 20% fat. Do not add to commercial foods that contain with bone or calcium.

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

For more information on using Better Bones visit our Feeding Guide

One jar of Better Bones makes 30 pounds of food for an adult dog. 

Where do you get your bones from?

Better Bones is simply dried bone from New Zealand pastured beef. All cattle are tested free of BSE. 

What’s the difference between Better Bones and bone meal?

Most bone meal is rendered, which means it goes through a high heat process and can be sourced from euthanized or sick animals or low quality sources. Better Bones is selected from healthy, New Zealand cattle and is human grade. Our bones are gently dried in low temperatures to maintain the healthy contents of the real bone like collagen, minerals and essential growth factors.

Can’t I just give my dog eggshells for calcium?

While both Better Bones and eggshells are a great source of calcium, eggshells don't contain other minerals, especially phosphorus. Because Better Bones is just dried bones, it contains the ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1, just like real bones. Better Bones is also rich in magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, as well as bone growth factors and collagen. Eggshells will not meet AAFCO’s nutritional requirements for any diet over 10% fat, or for puppies and pregnant dogs, while Better Bones can be fed with higher fat diets and is safe for all life stages.

Better Bones is bones made better.

 Calcium Source Calcium Phosphorus Ca:P Magnesium
Egg Shells 33.7% 0% - 0
Coral Calcium 34% 0.1% 425:1 2.4%
Seaweed Calcium 34.2% 0.8% 41.7:1 3.42%
Bone Meal 19.3% 9.3% 2.1:1 2.46%
Bone 15.6% 2.9% 2:1 0.11%


How is Better Bones different from seaweed or coral calcium?

Like eggshells, seaweed and coral calcium contain too little phosphorus. If you feed your dog more than 10% fat, there will be too little phosphorus in seaweed and coral calcium to meet AAFCO minimum nutritional requirements. And unlike Better Bones, seaweed and coral calcium can't balance foods for puppies and pregnant/nursing dogs because it contains too little phosphorus. 

Because Better Bones is natural powdered bone, it contains the perfect 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus, along with magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, bone growth factors, and collagen. This makes Better Bones safe for all life stages and all foods. 

Is Better Bones tested for safety?

Every batch of Better Bones is tested to be low in lead and heavy metals. We know that glyphosate can be stored in the bones of animals, which is why we source pastured cattle from New Zealand. We test every batch for glyphosate and ensure the glyphosate content is below the EWG's (Environmental Working Group) Health Benchmark of 160 ppb. This is significantly lower than the EPA (Environmental Working Group) limit of 5,000 ppb. Glyphosate has been linked to serious health and gut issues so we make sure our bones are tested to be low in all pesticide residue. We're pleased to offer a fully tested and clean source of bone for dogs. 

Can I give Better Bones to my puppy?

Better Bones is suitable for all life stages.

It contains all the natural minerals, growth factors and vitamin D found in real bone. These are all the essentials to look for in a good bone product for your dog.

Can Better Bones help with joints?

Better Bones helps to maintain proper joint nutrition. It also helps build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

If my dog eats kibble can I give Better Bones?

Kibble is already balanced for calcium and phosphorus. It is not recommended to give Better Bones unless advised by your vet.

Should I still give real bones when my dog is on Better Bones?

We recommend you do not mix Better Bones with real bone in the same meal. This will make it easier to balance the minerals in your dog’s meals.


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