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"My dog’s serious gut issues cleared up and put her back on the pathway to healthy living!"
Tera S.

Bifido For Fido - Gut Health For Dogs

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Bifido For Fido is a veterinary formulated blend of 13 helpful probiotic strains. These gut-healthy probiotics are well researched in both dogs and humans for their ability to support healthy digestion and gut function. 

The probiotics in BFF are carefully selected to help:

  • Maintain a healthy intestinal tract
  • Maintain proper gut flora
  • Occasional digestive distress

Not all probiotics are probiotic! Every probiotic strain in BFF is chosen for its ability to deliver health benefits to the gut. Bifido For Fido also contains Saccharmyces boulardii, a beneficial yeast that can help maintain a healthy gut flora during antibiotic use. 

bifido for fido ingredients

Give orally daily once or twice daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Supply
1-30 lbs  1/8 tsp daily

 120 day supply

31-60 lbs 

1/4 tsp daily

60 day supply

61-100 lbs 

1/2 tsp daily

30 day supply

100 + lbs

3/4 tsp daily

22 day supply

Net Contents: 1.8oz (50.1g)

Body Weight Amount Per Day Cost Per Day
1-30 lbs  1/8 tsp daily


31-60 lbs 

1/4 tsp daily


61-100 lbs 

1/2 tsp daily


100 + lbs

3/4 tsp daily


Net Contents: 1.8oz (50.1g)

Do I need to put BFF in the fridge?

If you can keep BFF in the fridge after opening, it will help the probiotics live longer. If not refrigerated, just be sure to use the jar within 30 days or so.

Can I give my dog BFF if he has digestive upset? 

The bacteria strains in BFF are hand-picked and veterinarian formulated to help maintain proper gut flora and help with occasional digestive distress.

What’s the difference between BFF and Protect?

BFF helps support your dog through occasional flare-ups of digestive distress. It’s good to reach for BFF in times when your dog needs immediate support. Protect is a soil-based probiotic that supports the gut but it also supports the body from exposure to heavy metals or environmental toxins. This is why we recommend Protect as an important daily probiotic.

What’s FOS and why is it in BFF?

FOS or fructooligosaccharide is a healthy prebiotic that keeps the bacteria colonies fed and healthy. In addition to FOS, BFF contains inulin from organic artichoke hearts, which is another healthy prebiotic.

Can I give BFF to my dog long-term? 

We recommend using BFF to support your dog during digestive flare ups, not for long-term use. While BFF can be used daily, we recommend Protect because it’s less likely to cause bacterial overgrowth and it supports dogs from exposure to heavy metals or environmental toxins.

Can I give BFF if my dog is on antibiotics?

If your dog is on medication, a good choice would be Saccharomyces boulardii (unless your veterinarian says otherwise). S. boulardii is considered to be probiotic because it benefits the gut and immune system like other friendly bacteria. But S. boulardii is actually a healthy yeast, not a bacterium. As a probiotic yeast, S. boulardii is much less susceptible to gut-stressing drugs and chemicals than probiotic bacteria are.

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