100% Pure & Natural

Just say NO to fillers. Four Leaf Rover never contains hidden ingredients. Made by dog lovers for dog lovers, Four Leaf Rover is the world’s purest source of veterinary-approved natural ingredients.

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Gluten Free


No Fillers

Functional Foods * Quality Tested * Earth Friendly * Made With Love

1% For The Planet

Four Leaf Rover is an earth friendly choice. Our containers are 100% recycled and we give 1% of our sales back to the earth through 1% For The Planet. Our ingredients are sustainable and free of pesticides and toxins. Four Leaf Rover isn’t just good for your dog ... it’s good for the planet and all the animals that share it.

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We stand behind our products 100%. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your Four Leaf Rover products, we offer a 30 day full product refund.

Money Back Guarantee